We’ve already covered the difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles (you can read that one here), but another common question we are asked is: should we use gloss or matt finish for our project? In this blog we will offer a few suggestions that should help to answer this question.


Gloss tiles

Gloss tiles are chosen from a practical viewpoint largely because they are very easy to clean. Aesthetically they can provide even the smallest of spaces with a sense of spaciousness and brightness.

We always recommend gloss options for cooking areas and kitchens due to the ease at which they can be wiped clean. In addition, utility rooms and backsplashes in bathrooms will also benefit from the use of gloss finish tiles – because of the two aforementioned features – cleanability and their tendency to be able to brighten up space.

For general flooring, for example within hotel lobbies, general apartment floors, etc., gloss tiles have an enduring popularity as they bring a sense of freshness and aesthetic glean that matt tiles don’t offer. However it is important to ensure the tiles selected meet the appropriate anti-slip grading (you can read more about the grading system here) for the project.

There are areas of buildings where it is not advisable to embrace gloss tile options, and this is where we consider the application of matt tiles.


Matt tiles

Matt tiles are always advisable for use where there could be contact with water. For example on bathroom or kitchen floors. The reasons are multiple. Matt tiles do not leave any trace of stains, they don’t collect dirt easily, and generally when wet they remain very much slip resistant.

But matt tiles are also chosen for widespread use when the aesthetic approach calls for it. There is a warmth and rustic quality to matt that lends itself to more contemporary elegant designs. Particularly with the current trend of design for wellness, matt tiles lend a serenity and calmness to design that isn’t prevalent within gloss tile options.

Within most tiles spaces, there exists an opportunity to create a unique, textured ambience by mixing both gloss and matt on different surfaces. To get advice on the best tile solutions for your project, speak to one of design specialists today by contacting us here.