The new year is now upon us, and with a new year comes new ideas, new approaches and, in the case of The House of Tiles, a number of new and exciting tile ranges to meet the demands of the projects in Dubai, the UAE and the Middle East. In our latest blog post we take look at some of tile trends to watch out for in 2019. Let’s get inspired with 5 tile trends for 2019…


5 Tile Trends for 2019The popularity of marble-look tiles continues to increase, perhaps down to the quality and authenticity, which evolved and became more sophisticated through 2018. Some particularly eye-catching marble-style tiles within our collections at The House of Tiles are Nero Marquina (pictured top left) – a beautifully polished black marble-style porcelain tile featuring a white irregular vein running across the surface; Paille St. Laurent, a polished glazed porcelain offering (pictured right), and Bianco Paonazzetto, which is a stunning take on Carrara Marble (bottom left), for which popularity has endured through centuries. These tiles offer a cost-effective alternative to marble, without the compromise on quality. For those that simply can’t leave the authenticity of the real deal behind, visit The Marble House – our sister site, which provides authentic stone products for large scale projects across the Middle East.   


5 Tile Trends for 2019

Interior design trends will often aspire to renounce ongoing technological advancements, to recall with affection days of yore. This year, we expect Victorian tiles to rise once more. The hardwearing nature of these ranges makes them ideal for use both inside and out, with the variation on offer and the striking appearance capable of bringing a particular quality to hospitality projects, such as restaurants and bars. Variations include the classic check pattern, within which sits the Cambridge (chess board) style, Dorchester, Scarborough, Stornoway and Wellington. Perfect Symmetry and playful geometry can also be accomplished with many of the tile ranges, which come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours.


5 Tile Trends for 2019

The Stone Effect tile trend is a juggernaut that bounds precociously forward, gaining popularity as technology enables ever-increasingly convincing porcelain in an array of stone finishes. Cheaper, but still of the highest quality – that’s pretty much the order of the day right now in the industry. It began in residential, but now is widely adopted in hospitality and commercial projects. Take a look at some of our best stone effect tiles here.


5 Tile Trends for 2019One of the most notable home décor trends in the last five years has been the rise of wood effect ceramic and porcelain tiles. In the nineties, laminate flooring became all the rage, every homeowner’s dream. But it’s not the nineties any longer. Now, a more authentic flooring look is quite preferential for those with a more refined taste. But wood can be expensive, although beautiful, and is hard to maintain. Wood effect tiles provide the answer, and remain at the top of everyone’s shopping list for 2019. Find our wood effect tiles here.


Geom Wall Aquamarine TileIf colours are becoming more daring, and tile patterns more adventurous, it’s only logical that tile shapes should correspond, and take part in that satisfyingly daring step away from the norm. Hexagonal tiles in particular are looking better than ever, while top designers are looking towards the patterns that can be derived from triangular tiles, or even by fusing different shapes to create accents and individuality that stands out from the crowd. Geometric tiles can provide the illusion of space, but more importantly provide a feature element at a relatively low cost. Who can argue with that?

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