The House of Tiles is one of the UAE’s leading tile suppliers with hundreds of hand selected product lines sourced from across the world. One of our more popular style ranges are brick tiles, which are currently enjoying huge popularity in Dubai and the Middle East region. In this latest blog, we feature the Eco Glazed Brick Slip range, which is manufactured in the UK from recycled Welsh slate dust.


Brick slips are thin tiles or veneers intended to give the appearance of brickwork, without the need for entirely exposed authentic bricks. Brick slip cladding transforms spaces which might otherwise be mundane or perfunctory by bringing a distinctive and striking look. For those with aspirations of making a dramatic design statement, the Eco Glazed Brick Slip is an outstanding choice, which adds high shine to walls and is available in a wide range of colours.

Eco Glazed Brick Slips, as the name suggests, are glazed which gives them a smooth and shiny appearance. They present a nice, and perhaps more modern, alternative to the more traditional rough brick look of brick slips that haven’t been glazed. They also have a very unique thickness – more than double the depth of ceramic brick offerings, which, when combined with the unique process involved in there manufacture and the material, makes them outlast cheaper alternatives by a significant amount.

Eco Glazed Brick Slip yellow

Eco Glazed Brick Slips are suitable for both internal and external cladding, and are excellent for creating a standout feature wall. They present a unique juxtaposition in that they are most certainly contemporary and high-end, but are also classic, almost Victorian in appearance.

We find the most popular use for the Eco Glazed Brick Slip is in commercial and hospitality projects where there is no room for compromise on the quality of finish. We see this tile as providing a unique route to adding both colour and texture within any interior or exterior space and to have some fun with the design.

It is also worth noting that Eco Glazed Brick Slips are often used as a hard wearing and attractive alternative to salt glazed bricks, which are featured on many period properties.

Our Eco Glazed Brick Slip tiles are manufactured in the UK from recycled Welsh slate dust. This slate dust is subsequently fired to create a 215mm x 65mm brick slip – 15mm in depth (although they are also available as a half brick slip). The brick slip is then glazed and re-fired. This very involved process produces an extremely durable and attractive product.


The House of Tiles is proud of the range of applications architects and designers have used our brick slips for in their creative interior and exterior endeavours.

To meet the varying requirements of the designers and architects we frequently work with, these tiles are available in a range of traditional as well as more modern colour options, including our popular white brick tiles.


We supply these tiles in 19 standard colours, including: Snow, White Mist, Winter Morning, Cool Lavender, Ochre, Magnolia, Weathered bronze, Signal Yellow, Sea Grass, Cut Grass, Jade, Denim, Royal Blue, Midnight, Treacle and Black. These brick slips are highly stain-resistant, as well as being colourfast and weatherproof.

Eco Glazed Brick Slip coloursPlease note that as with many of the tiles we supply, the manufacturer can produce these products to your specific requirements. In addition, they have the ability to manufacture in any colour from the RAL selector if required. Whilst Matt and Opaque glazes are also possible these options are not are not available in all colours.

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