Brick tiles, or as some refer to them, subway tiles, in terms of application are the most versatile tile options on the market. When it comes to brick tiles, the question is not so much, “where can they be used?”, but: “Where CAN’T they be used?!”.

Over the years we have provided our brick tiles to such a huge variety of projects, it’s hard to think of a project in which they wouldn’t slot right in. From schools, to bars and restaurants, bathrooms and feature walls in commercial buildings, we have supplied our brick tiles literally everywhere.

Take a look below at some of our favourite brick options from our current collections, and of course, feel free to contact us for samples if you have a project you think will be enhanced by first class, high quality Spanish brick tiles.


Brick tiles

The Craquele collection is one of our most evocative brick tile collections. The surface creates an effect reminiscent of vintage tiles from the 1800’s, which were made form lead enamels and naturally cracked over time. With Craquele we are replicating this effect to create a timeless, yet classic aesthetic which has proved hugely popular among interior designers since we brought it to market.


Brick tiles

Mediterraneo started off as a collection in a deep, rich colour of blue, with various patterns replicating denim and other fabrics with different stylings. It proved so popular, the collection was expanded to include the same options in beige, brown and a pale blue. Since then we have seen designers utilising the collection to stunning effect. Creating feature walls comprised of the various patterns available. While the blue will always be predominantly used in bathrooms, the beige and brown bring a versatility to this collection that make it suitable for almost any room and any design aspiration.


Brick tiles

The colours within the Florencia collection help to cultivate a precise balance between cutting-edge style and timeless class; two of the crucial characteristics to perfect decorative style. Florencia pays homage to Italy’s most beautiful city, Florence. This is a collection that improves the atmosphere within a space. In addition, Florencia is of the highest quality, hugely durable and has great resistance. This makes the collection suitable for areas that may be exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures. We love it.

Contact us today with your project enquiries, and let’s start creating something beautiful!