A problem designers are constantly faced with is maximising the experience of smaller spaces. Tiles can play a central role in making tighter rooms feel far larger than the reality, but the right choices must be made to accomplish this. In our latest blog, we look at the best options to really portray that sense of space, even in the smallest areas.

Larger format tiles help to make rooms feel more spacious, however they only work in a decent-sized room. In small bathrooms or WCs, for instance, large tiles can end up as an imposition and can swamp the space, particularly as in smaller spaces there are likely to be a number of cuts made to the tiles.

The less tile cuts required, the better for the overall impression. More grout lines serve to make walls and floors feel crowded, and perhaps even slightly messy. This is not what we want. There will of course be the need for grout lines with any choice of tile, and so to minimise the aesthetic impact, we always recommend choosing a grout colour that matches the tiles. The result of putting in a little extra thought when selecting grout can have a very impressive end effect.


Mosaics are often the default choice for bathrooms or wet areas (which also tend to be the smallest areas of a building. Again, with mosaics the number of grout lines can make things slightly busy in terms of the finished product. Mosaics are great for feature walls in smaller bathrooms, however it is better to avoid their use for the whole room.


White is the go-to colour for small spaces. White metro tiles are great for small spaces as they reflect light, are very uniformed and can help create a bright and airy ambience, which holds the key to that illusion of space we’re searching for.

White 30 x 60 tile options also work well in confined areas, sometimes more so than metro tiles, as there are less grout lines and more blank canvas to play with when it comes to adding extra elements to the design to assist in perpetuating that sense of space.


Aside from tile choices, using mirrors and a good mix of wall and ceiling lighting can have a great impact. If you can create a space in which light reaches all corners, you’re already there!

For any tiles requirements, go to our contact page and let us know your requirements. One of our experts will be in touch to work through your options.