The great thing about the colour grey is that it’s one of the most versatile options around for tile selection – it’s neutral but still impactful, calming and serene but also with plenty of flavour. Grey tiles remain one of the most popular options for both interior and exterior designs, and for good reason. These tiles provide a base upon which a wide variety of colours, soft furnishings and accessories can be placed, or in fact there are multiple grey tile options that can actually present the colour as the central focus of the room.

Grey floor and wall tiles can be used in literally every space within a building. Nowhere is considered off limits. Designers can inject style into the bathroom, bedroom or living spaces with the use of stylish grey tiles.


UAE Tiles Grey

The darker shades of grey floor and wall tiles present a moody and rather dramatic scene. But dark grey can also make a room soothing, portraying a relaxing vibe suffused by contemporary style. Few colour variations can match the flexibility of grey as the foundation for whatever look is required.

This darkness can be punctuated by splashes of bright colours within furniture choices or accessories – for example artwork on the walls and such. The darker grey tile selections can also exemplify chicness and suaveness, which can be expressed fully with the overlay of cream, beige or taupe garnishes.

In bathrooms and kitchens, the use of dark grey is hugely underestimated. Its impact can be breathtaking. Dark grey set against the foreground of pure white furniture, bath, washbasin and WC in a bathroom has a truly mesmerising and captivating impact, while in the kitchen the playful addition of fresh colours such as green or orange create an ultra-sophisticated, vibrant and hip contemporary kitchen appearance.

UAE Tiles Grey

Unquestionably it something of a daring, bold statement to explore the impact of dark leaden grey tiles in a living space. But when combined with the right lighting and great, colourful furniture a grey tiles lounge exudes cool, modern charm, and is a scheme that will create a lasting impression.

While we have covered the impact that secondary and complementary colours can have on the foundation grey, it should as lobe noted that different textures and layers, and shifting tones and shades of grey add depth to grey that really brings it into a league of its own.


UAE Tiles Grey

Light grey tiles are of equal refinement to the darker, moodier sister options, as they also look great amongst almost every other colour of the spectrum. Go to the very end of the light spectrum in the grey shade and what you’ve got is a fresh, attractive and interesting alternative to the mundanity of white or cream.

UAE Tiles Grey

Using lighter grey tiles, particularly on the wall, you can create a natural, organic feel to a space, particularly by fusing these concrete effect styles with wood-effect flooring. Of course, the industrial loft style is well and truly in vogue at the time of writing, and this isn’t a style is likely to become tired easily. Lighter grey concrete effect tiles are basically made for industrial preferences.

UAE Tiles Grey


Grey tiles really look good anywhere, and there are so many different shade combinations that can be explored to create a truly unique effect. There are countless grey options, something for everyone to explore and create a stylish and elegant interior founded upon grey.

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