The spectacular impact that pastel hues have within interior design and colour schemes is, quite frankly immeasurable. You simply cannot help but to j’adore the soft shades of mint, baby blues and blush and wallow the calm atmosphere they establish within a space. Providing comfort in colour, pastels today are famous for lending a relaxed feel to design works. Living rooms, drawing rooms (if it were, say, mid-1940’s era upmarket London), bathrooms and kitchens have seen an almighty surge in pastel palettes, and they’re most certainly here to stay.

When it comes to tiles, more specifically our tiles, the collections we have feature gorgeous hand-crafted tiles which are manufactured at different production sites across the world. Many of the items within our ranges showcase pastel colours and due to their sumptuous glaze and soft colour tones are enhanced to display comfortable and luxurious finishes.


Our Cosmopolitan range contains a number pastel shades, from ‘Mint’ through to the more neutral tones of ‘Papyrus’ (pictured) and ‘Palomino’. The Cosmopolitan collection comprises of a high gloss finish providing an intensity in colour which, when paired with its undulating rustic tile base, creates a stunning reflective surface.

Pastel Colour Tiles


Our Artisan range features a number of field tiles and mouldings. The unique, lustrous finish on each tile will add a flourish to both kitchen and bathroom settings. The shimmering effect refracts light around the room to impart radiance into pastel colour ways. ‘Dunwich’ and ‘Melford’ will appeal to those looking to integrate a blush interior scheme, whilst ‘Sudbury/Sudbury Crackle’ and ‘Snape’ offer blue-green pastel tones. Also, they have cool names.

Pastel Colour Dubai Tiles


For a more contemporary approach to the art of tiling and the love of tiles, our Elements tiles feature brick tiles as opposed to square field tiles, offering greater versatility. For a traditional format try laying them horizontally or why not try a vertical or herringbone layout to make a statement. You do you; whatever comes natural.

Pastel Colour Dubai Tiles

To create a tranquil and comfortable space, pastel tones will achieve this like no other colours. Such tones are easily incorporated into a variety of settings and fit within both modern and traditional styles. So, if you’re looking to update your interiors this Springtime, pastels are the sure colour way for you; or at least for consideration.

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