We’re in the season of new collections for Meraki Ceramics. Our continual commitment to bringing the best-in-class products to the Middle East construction market has led us to introduce our latest; a new wood effect porcelain tile collection, entitled Tahoe.


We’re at a point in history where humans are now searching for something more authentic. Worn down by the artificial experience represented by social media, or the warped political systems feeding misleading information, people in their droves are now retreating to take solace from the one thing in the world that has always been honest and true: nature.

Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

You may think it to be slightly contradictory when we talk about authenticity and wood effect tiles in the same article, and that would be correct. But our rediscovered affection for nature has also led us to become far more concerned with the eco-systems that keep it running. Our interest in protecting the oceans and the forests from human disregard grows by the day, and architecture has to accept its responsibility, and role in conservation.

Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

With wood effect porcelain we can create the same ambience and sense of calm in a space that natural wood can, but with no cost to the trees that keep the world alive. Sustainability in architecture is one of the key considerations for clients now, but it is mirrored by the need to invoke a sense of calmness and wellness in the end-user; something that natural finishings will always assist with. With wood-effect you get the same connection to something natural, but at less cost – both environmentally and financially.

Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

We love wood effect tiles in 2019, and we’ll love them in 2020. Printing technology has come so far that we had to create a whole new collection just to showcase the level we are producing our wood effect tiles at now.

So, enjoy Tahoe. It’s cost-effective, available to be cut into any size, with a variety of amazing variations. Totally authentic? Maybe not, but it’s as close as can be!

Take a look at the Tahoe collection here.