One of the biggest trends this year is the beautiful raw texture of the concrete effect tile. Gone are the days of industrial style only being for lofts and factories. We are seeing more and more homes, bars and restaurants adding elements of the industrial trend, with concrete effect tiles being a popular way of achieving the look.

The industrial trend is all about floor to ceiling concrete, dark colours and raw elements through exposed brick or chrome. Porcelain tiles can be used on floors and walls, therefore, you can use the same tile to make the area look cohesive and spacious. The choice of extending the tiles from the floor to ceiling not only enhances the urban look but also tricks the eye, creating the illusion that the area is larger.

Concrete effect tiles


It’s quite clear why the concrete effect tile has made its way into many commercial designs and homes. The concrete look is very versatile, it is natural, industrial, sleek and modern. The aggregate in the tile is a feature in itself which creates that very multi-dimensional look. By choosing porcelain tiles you can achieve the look without the hassle of pouring concrete and maintaining it. Concrete itself is an absorbent material which can easily scratch or stain but when recreated using porcelain or ceramics, it reflects that beautiful natural industrial effect without the mess of installation. Porcelain is impervious to water, therefore, making it the perfect material for wet rooms. It is also easy to clean and doesn’t build up dust and dirt or support mould or mildew.

Concrete effect tiles

You can accompany your concrete tiles with sleek white furniture and chrome fittings, brightening up the space and complementing the textured tiles, whilst keeping the colour palette neutral and relaxing.

Top Tip: Try and avoid making the space feel too sterile and cold. Tiles with variation and character in the design adds warmth.

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