The trend setters have spoken and… drum roll please… Concrete Effect porcelain tiles are by far the most sought after tiles of 2019 so far. Concrete effect is synonymous with modernity and elegance, and will successfully create a minimalist “total look” interior and a futuristic arrangement with a strong, colourful background accent.

Concrete Effect Tiles

The industrial look is a trend that’s getting more and more popular, and fortunately it’s not going anywhere fast. Inspired by abandoned factories from the industrial revolution and large open spaces, this look is characterised by stripped-back architecture and reclaimed objects. The key to an urban interior is to mix rough weathered wood surfaces, exposed bricks, bare concrete and lots of metal for a perfectly unfinished look. It’s not easy to copy the look of polished concrete, however we have the most authentic by far. The edges of our concrete tiles have the right mix of aggregate and texture, inspired by a range of different materials and produced with enough variation to provide a successful combination of visual texture and variation.

Concrete Effect Tiles Dubai

 The surface of the tile looks very urban and industrial. Concrete pebbles and the authentic look of urban pavements are reproduced in a number of colours, including graphite, grey, anthracite and beige. These colours transform the surface of this porcelain tile into a very stylish tile spanning into a variety of interior applications. Suitable for use in cutting edge interior spaces contemporary, urban, industrial, minimal, modern and luxury interior and exterior application. Perfect for a range of areas in a range of sizes and finishes including matt and polished.

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