The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where all the meals are created, and in many cases it is the gathering point and the conversation hub for family and friends. We believe the kitchen fuels the heart, soul, mind and body, and with this is mind, we present the latest design inspiration blog for floor tiles in the kitchen.

Traditional preferences for kitchen tiles include stone-effect tiles, slate-effect tiles, wood-effect tiles and concrete-effect tiles. These are the stalwarts of kitchen creation. The reason? Because they provide a solid and often neutral foundation from which to build a kitchen full of character and life, without becoming overbearing and dominating the space. As much as floor tiles are super important in interior design, you don’t want the floor to be the main feature that draws attention away from furniture or countertops, it simply needs to be a tile option complementary to the activation that lays upon it. Here are five kitchen floor tile options we’ve selected that provide the basis from which to build your stylish kitchen.


Kitchen Floor Tiles

Concrete-effect tiles have remained one of the most popular selections for kitchen design for the last five years. They provide a rustic charm and warmth that is not afforded in the more neutral beige, cream or white options – which can often be too clinical and nondescript. The great thing about Celestial, which is a porcelain tile available in 60 x 60, is that it complements so many different kitchen furniture colours. It’s enduringly popular, and is hard-wearing and easy to maintain. All key concerns when it comes to selecting kitchen tiles.


Kitchen Floor Tiles

We love Serena. And while there’s no doubt it’s an acquired taste to go for a sleek, dark and moody kitchen, it’s certainly an eye-catching, if unconventional option. But who wants conventional in 2020? Serena is a porcelain marble-effect tile in 60 x 60 that provides an appearance reminiscent of Negro Marquina marble. Again there are a number of ways in which the interior design can be led by this floor tile selection; natural dark wood kitchen furniture, charcoal grey or even the juxtaposition of white can really make a statement. For us, Serena provides the basis from which to develop a sleek, contemporary and slightly moody kitchen design.


Kitchen Floor Tiles

The detailing and texture on Vale Grey is quite stunning. For a rustic, natural feel in the kitchen there is no more alluring selection than Vale Grey. Its grey wood appearance is again complementary to almost all kitchen furniture selections, and of course it provides all of the natural beauty of wood, with none of the difficult maintenance.


Kitchen Floor Tiles

If you prefer something more commanding but with the same rustic charm, you could opt for a selection from our Spanish Eterna collection. Hydraulic Corinto is Mediterranean in style, and is actually pigmented, pressed cement in its make-up. It is an unmistakable style most prevalent in the coastal areas of Spain, and is designed to recall traditional motifs presented in an aesthetic form for modern times.


Kitchen Floor Tiles

Created to resemble grey travertine, Willow Grey is a 60 x 60 porcelain that is perfect for a unique approach to contemporary kitchen design. Its light grey tone and interesting travertine toning and textural variation provides the perfect balance between point of interest and subtlety. When we look at kitchen tile options, we can’t stress enough the importance of taking an understated approach, but with just enough intrigue to not be completely passive. Willow Grey achieves this with aplomb.

These are five kitchen floor tile ideas for those looking to make a statement with kitchen design. Most kitchens in Dubai adopt a much more conservative approach to floor tiles – generic, plain off-white, beige or light grey tend to be the go to options for residential kitchen design in the Middle East – perhaps down to the perception of their cheapness to meet budget restraints. However the options we’ve presented above are cost-effective, and really serve to create a definitive boundary between kitchen and the rest of the home, while also providing a wonderful foundation from which to build a truly unique heart to the overall design.

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