While tiles will always have their most common uses, they have many more applications than just flooring and backsplashes…

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we now have the choice of all kinds of uniquely crafted tiles that come in thousands of sizes, shapes, patterns and colours to choose from. And this allows you to create a unique look in any space you like.

Here we’ve compiled some of the unique ways to use tiles in your design:


Tiles application

An accent wall can be the perfect statement in almost any space. Whether this is behind your couch, a mirror and vanity, or even behind your bar, there are tiles that make the perfect statement wall by adding texture and colour, while not necessarily becoming excessive in terms of stealing the limelight from the other feature elements they are supposed to complement.


Fireplace tiles

If your fireplace surround is dated or damaged, new tiles are the ultimate solution. Updating the tiles around your fireplace will bring new life to the space, and vintage look tiles in particular bring an authenticity and oldy worldy feel to one of the world’s most traditionally loved areas of a home.


Tiles applications

Using two different types of tiles – one on the outer edges and the other in the central space, creates what we call an “area rug”. This presents something very unique in any space. Often designers use patterned tiles arranged in a rectangle, surrounded contrasting patterns on the exterior.


Tiles applications

Whether your staircase is in your entrance area or elsewhere in your home, adding tiles to the risers can look stunning. It’s certainly not a new idea, however in this world of modern minimalism, it’s often quite refreshing to see a staircase augmented by something more traditional and generally heart warming.

If you have a unique tile project in mind, please feel free to contact us today! We would love to hear your ideas and help you create a showpiece completely made of our range of tiles!