We adore textured tiles here at The House of Tiles, and there is as much choice for textured tiles and sculptural tiles as there is colour! Therefore, when you’re considering your tile design, you should ensure that texture is a primary part of the deliberation process, because the right choice of tile texture can add not only aesthetic qualities but warmth and functionality.

Examples of tiles with texture can be found in glossy tiles, matt tiles, sugar tiles, salt and pepper tiles, non-slip floor tiles, or mosaic tiles.

Textured Tiles


The basic finishes available on plain wall and floor tiles can be simply described as glossy, matt and satin. However, this can get a little more detailed the further we explore each option.

Textured Decorative tiles

Glossy finishes can come with a polished and shiny flat smooth surface, just broken by the edge of the tile and grout lines. This smooth surface can also be rippled with slightly raised lines to change the effect of where the light is caught and reflected by the tiles. There are many different rippled and raised patterns available on tile surfaces.

Satin finishes are able to soften the shine, encouraging a chic and sometimes smooth understated elegance. A satin finish may suit the rest of the room scheme, including the fabrics that make up the design concept of the room.

Matt finishes look more natural and reflect less light, often seen in natural stone or natural stone effect tiles. A matt finish can bring additional benefits such as non-slip qualities. In a space where the tiles will constantly be getting wet, such as a bathroom floor or kitchen, a matt finish is recommended from a health and safety perspective.

Generally we find that textured white tiles offer many more dramatic and subtle textured finishes to the overall design.

Beautifully textured tiles


If choosing plain tiles with a flat surface, it’s always a good idea to perhaps break up the design with scored tiles on a feature wall to sculpt texture to certain areas. Mosaics are ideal for injecting contrasting textures and colour features to the design of the wall and floor. Generally made from glass, they can also come in matt tiles, glossy tiles or satin tiles and have a variety of patterns and designs.

Interesting steel effect tiles

Or for something different, wave mosaics, antique pearl mosaics, polished glass squares, natural stone strips, rough and smooth combined patterns and shapes such as shells and raised circles. These border and decorative tiles are only limited to the imagination. As the leading tiles supplier in Dubai and the UAE, we have an extensive range, in addition to our unrivalled OEM capabilities .


As every designer will tell you, texture will always add style, variety and creativity to walls or floors, but can be cleverly used in tile design to serve an important safety functionality as well. This is especially true with non-slip floor tiles.

Non-slip tiles have various patterns and styles of raised textured bumps, to cause resistance and minimise the chances of slipping. Commercial applications such as shopping malls or other public spaces could be dangerous if there were no steps taken to create a non-slip surface, leading to injuries, danger to the general public and increased tort liability – leading to compensation claims.

Nice non-slip textured tiles

Textured tiles have increased in variety and popularity, and have come on leaps and bounds over the last few years. Limitations in this regard do not exist. Integrated texture and tile design has also expanded to incorporate stone effect and wood effect tiles, where the texture is part of the pattern. Texture will continue to evolve and merge with tile designs.

So in conclusion, there is a lot of choice of texture for tiles which can add to the look, style and functionality of the tile design concept. Texture can be integrated to either the main plain tiles or as a decorative feature.

Have some fun with tiles and texture!