Meraki Ceramics is delighted to announce its latest collection – a range of beautifully designed and manufactured mosaics, sure to add an elegant and distinctive touch to our clients’ projects throughout the Middle East.

This new mosaic collection, manufactured in the Meraki Ceramics Spanish factory, follows the unique aesthetic quality presented throughout the Spanish collections. Attention has been paid to ensuring the highest quality of aesthetic available within a truly cost-efficient mosaic product – designed specifically for the Middle East market.

Mosaic Tiles Dubai

“The new mosaic tiles, which have already been sent out to a selection of our long term clients, have been very well received and already we have taken three orders for large scale projects,” said Partner Daniel Charter. “We’re very excited to present this truly unique mosaic collection to Dubai.”

The mosaic collection features nine solid colour bases, including Forest Green, Camel, Coral, Black, Ocean Blue, Sand, Red, Light grey and Mallow Purple. In addition, nine new tailored mix designs are certain to be popular choices among clients. The mixes range from light to dark options, and everything in between.

Mosaic Tiles Dubai

This collection is specifically designed for a number of applications, predominantly wellness spaces, swimming pools, spas and saunas.

“We have sought to ensure that the products help to promote relaxation and wellness in the end-user, particularly within the calming pastel mix designs we have commissioned,” Charter continued. “Whereas many of the current mosaic offerings we see in the market are quite complex, and almost represent something of a pixelated challenge for the end-user to interpret, our approach has been different. We believe that simplicity is the expression of elegance, and I think this mosaic collections reflects and embodies that purpose.”

The mosaic collection, presented by Meraki Ceramics, is available in large quantity, ready to ship now. For sample requests, contact us here.

View the full Mosaic Collection here.