For the majority of us, the last few months have been spent predominantly confined within the walls of our homesteads, and as a result we have seen a barrage of enquiries from people who have realised just how dissatisfied they are with their current interior décor.

In this blog, we look at some of the key considerations that must be acknowledged when attempting to create tranquility and calmness within areas of the home…

Japandi tiles


Japandi is the ‘go to’ trend within interior design right now. This style embraces minimalism in many ways, but as a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian stylings (the words ‘Japan’ and ‘Scandi’ have been cleverly combined to illustrate this), it does bring something a bit different to the table.

Japandi tiles

There is a rustic quality to Japandi, which comes from the Scandinavian element, and this fuses with the traditional elegance of Japanese décor to create a mood of serenity and calmness with interior spaces. The real beauty of Japandi is that it is also an extremely versatile style that can be applied to pretty much any room within a particular space. There is an overriding functionality to this style, but with a mix of elegant feature walls and statement pieces, one can obtain that chic and sophisticated look, accentuated by understated additions, rather than cluttered, overbearing and frankly distasteful over-embellishment.


To achieve a Japandi-style living area, the principles mentioned above remain the same, but there is also the need to provide a cozy homeliness to ensure it’s warm and inviting. In terms of flooring, there is much to be said for wood effect tile options, because they add character and style – in addition to being completely functional. Arden Light is a popular choice for flooring because it opens up the space (where darker wood-effect can sometimes reduce the perception of spaciousness), but at the same time it is a very homely style that provides comfort. When paired with tasteful soft furnishings in neutral tones, the impact on living spaces can be hugely positive.

Japandi tiles

Alternatively, natural stone effect tiles can also be perfect as a complementary basis from which to build a Japandi style space. Our selection of stone effect tiles is quite large, but we would recommend Savannah Bianco, or Willow Grey because they provide the ideal canvas upon which you can create a calming interior space with multiple complementary feature pieces.


Bathrooms present the ideal space to implement the Japandi sensibilities. By transforming a bathroom into a tranquil sanctuary of wellness, the end user gets to truly unwind with a relaxing bath after a long hard day. There are fewer finer things in life. It’s a relatively simple process to create Japandi within a bathroom. We look for larger format tiles to reduce visible grout lines, while neutral colours and nice textures are essential.

Japandi tiles

Fixtures and fittings play their part in creating this look, while storage is also important to reduce clutter and enhance the appearance of the space through clean and clear surfaces.

Japandi is the balance between minimalism and warmth. This is a tasteful style that transforms spaces to become heavenly, inviting and sophisticated – with none of the pretentiousness or tangible impression of one “trying too hard”, which so often let down modern interior design.

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