Meraki Ceramics, one of the leading purveyors of tiles in Dubai and the UAE, has unveiled a brand new sanitaryware collection, designed for projects in the Middle East.

Having rebranded the business as 2019 drew to a close, it was stated that new ideas and new collections would be the focus of Meraki Ceramics as the decade began. With this first collection of sanitaryware, according to Partner, Dan Charter, the company has started out on the pathway towards offering an ever broadening range of cost-effective, high-end solutions to clients for projects.

Sanitaryware UAE

“We’re extremely excited by this new range of sanitaryware,” Charter stated. “Having established ourselves among some of Dubai’s top developers as a trustworthy and highly efficient partner for projects, we found ourselves presented with the opportunity to work alongside our clients on a broader spectrum in relation to delivering their projects.”

He continued: “In addition to our increasing range of tile products, we have now added our first collection of sanitaryware, which comprises wash basins and toilets, really targeted at the residential and hospitality sectors here in the Middle East. In terms of quality, we have ensured it’s more than comparable to what’s available on the market currently, and in terms of cost, as with our tile ranges, we are resolute in our commitment to maintaining the position we have as the most cost-effective, value-driven expert supplier in the marketplace.”

Having continued to deliver a rare mix of transparency, efficiency and cost-effective tile solutions to the market throughout 2019, the Partners took the decision to apply the same standards to the provision of sanitaryware. With a wide variety of washbasins that comprise pedestal, wall and table-mounted options, as well as uniquely coloured ceramics and stone options, Meraki Ceramics hopes to begin supplying projects in the first quarter of 2020.

You can view the new range of ceramic sanitaryware here.

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